Double-Sided Silk Bonnet


Silk sleep bonnet made of 100% pure mulberry silk (22 momme) both inside and out, to help your hair retain moisture, reduce frizz and keep your hairstyle longer while you have your beauty sleep!

  • Double sided premium silk – Fashionable and at the same time allowing your hair to enjoy all the benefits of silk as your hair touches the smooth and soft side of the silk fabric.
  • Reduces Hair Breakage and Damage – cocoon your hair from damage caused by friction and moisture-absorbing bed linen (especially if you are not using silk bed linen) during sleep. Great for fine or weak hair.
  • Gentle On Your Hair – Made with 100% Mulberry Silk and OEKO-Tex certified, ensuring no toxic chemical seeps into your hair.
  • Fashionable – Sleek and shiny, suitable to be worn as a fashion accessory too!!
  • Elastic band – One size fits all while ensuring a snug fit 

Your hair will thank you for using this double-sided silk bonnet!

Materials used to make our double-sided silk bonnets are carefully sourced, tested and inspected to ensure they are of top notch quality. 


Colours : Pearl White | Champagne Gold | Rose Gold | Matcha Green | Moonlight Silver | Onyx Black | Garnet Red | Royal Blue | Shadow Grey | Sakura Pink

Material : 100% Grade 6A Pure Mulberry Silk

Silk Weight : 22 momme

Size : 25cm (top to bottom), 26cm (width)

Circumference of opening (nape to forehead) : 41cm, stretchable up to 62cm

Elastic band length : 16cm, stretchable up to 37cm

Weight 0.4 kg

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